Saturday, 3 December 2016

Accountability and Trust

Darwin Mott Consulting Ltd 

"The Science Behind Accountability & Trust”

ORGANIZATION DESIGN - Amalgamate your 4-in-1 organizations of:
   1. CHART (as it appears on the wall),
   2. ASSUMED (as each person in the company assumes that it really works),
   3. AS IS (as it is actually working), and
   4. REQUIRED (as it would work best in achieving results and engendering trust)
MANAGERIAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Clearly define your managerial leadership practices needed to achieve accountable & authoritative leadership.

"TALENT POOL" MANAGEMENT - Your managers are key in enhancing trust in the system, but so are your managers' managers.  Learn how to more fully utilize them. Also, succession plan your key positions with certainty.

SAFETY ACCOUNTABILITY - Underpin your safety program with an "Accountable For." top-to- bottom system, and watch Safety improve along with your other key performance indicators

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